What to Expect During a Composite Dental Filling Treatment?

Teeth are not just vulnerable to wear and tear damage; they’re also likely to develop bacterial infections and decay due to underlying medical issues and poor oral hygiene. Thanks to advanced dental technologies, patients can now get effective treatments for all kinds of dental problems. Today, we’ve taken this opportunity to discuss a popular restorative dental procedure known as composite dental fillings.

Commonly referred to as a dental filling, this treatment is ideal for restoring a broken, damaged, or crooked tooth’s original shape and form. It’s highly suitable for patients who’ve received cavity removal treatments and need durable tooth protection.

So what should one expect during a composite dental filling session? Let’s find out!

Pre-Treatment Basics

A composite dental filling procedure is fairly painless, efficient, and extremely beneficial if performed by an experienced professional. Once you decide to get a dental filling, it’s important to choose a renowned dentist who can tackle your case with accuracy.

They should perform holistic dental screenings to understand the extent of your tooth damage and provide the necessary information to help you relax during the process.

During the Process

Your dentist will start by administering a local anesthetic to numb the area around the affected tooth. This helps in reducing pain and discomfort during the treatment. Once the anesthetic works, the dentist will proceed to remove the decayed part of your affected tooth. They’ll most likely use a tool known as a drill laser to ensure high precision and efficiency.


The next step is known as etching. It’s when your dentist applies an etching substance on the tooth to roughen its surface. The roughness increases friction, allowing the composite resin to bond and stick to the tooth. The etching substance is a gel-like ointment that prepares your dentin and enamel for composite bonding. It’s left for a few minutes and washed off with warm water. Your tooth tissue will then form a bond with the composite resin. Etching is an important prerequisite for bonding as it helps the resin adhere to the tooth surface.

Composite Application and Shaping

The next step is composite placement, final shaping, and tooth polishing. Your dentist will apply the composite filling on the rough part of your tooth and use a light to harden it. Finally, they’ll shape and contour your tooth to achieve a natural appearance.

Once the composite is placed, your dentist will finally perform a polishing process. Unlike amalgam, composites can be polished immediately after the application to give your teeth  bright, natural look.

A dental filling in progress

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