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Our Mission

With our innovative technology and high quality practices, we are dedicated to truly elevating the dental experience for each patient with a sense of comfort, a compassionate approach, and a personalized education about maintaining optimal oral health. Our mission is to show each patient the power of true dental care, proving that our dental techniques can combine beauty, comfort, and functionality for all.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Kimia Kohanbash

A Brooklyn native, Dr. Kimia Kohanbash had a spark early on for arts and science. Dentistry piqued her interest for both its artistic aspects and its scientific nature. Dr. Kohanbash was accepted into the seven year program of a combined undergraduate/dental school at NYU College of Dentistry. She started her own practice with her husband and has dedicated her career to the dynamic field of dentistry and making a difference in each patient’s life. 

In her free time, Dr. Kohanbash enjoys baking, traveling, and spending time with her three young children and husband.

Meet the NY Dental Boutique Family

Our Team

Our friendly, professional, and experienced team are here to keep you comfortable and help you feel empowered so you can be assured that your smile is in good hands. At NY Dental Boutique, we aim at elevating the dental experience, which starts with our personable and knowledgeable team.

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Dell Koch

Dental Assistant
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Kendrick McCullough

Dental Assistant
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Stanley Hayes

Dental Assistant
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What to Expect

Your First Visit

No matter the service or procedure you require at NY Dental Boutique, our friendly yet professional team will welcome you like family. Dr. Kohanbash will then get to know you, determine your dental health needs, and empower you to reach any oral health goals. We offer a new patient special, a membership plan, and overall high quality dental care so every patient can leave our office with a confident smile.

Comforts and Amenities

Our Office

Our NY Dental Boutique office is sleek and modern with cozy touches. Our spacious and luxurious office is filled with homey amenities like high-definition TVs with Netflix, a beverage station, a variety of magazines and books, and iPads so you can feel both relaxed and entertained while you wait for your appointment to begin.

Our Modern Equipment and Practices

State-of-the-Art Dental Technology

At NY Dental Boutique, we see our investment in the latest dental technology as a benefit to not only enhance each patient’s experience and comfort, but to provide the most accurate and efficient results. With our intraoral scanner, laser, endodontic rotary, and digital radiographs, we are dedicated to elevating the dental experience in a modern way with a gentle and compassionate touch.

Staying Committed to the Community

How We Give Back

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