What is the Difference Between General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentistry services help you maintain and improve oral health and prevent tooth decay and loss. They’re focused on eliminating permanent tooth loss and gum recession risks while alleviating one’s physical appearance. However, there are several branches of dental health services. And today, we’re differentiating the two most popular ones: general and cosmetic dentistry.

Many people often get confused between the two and struggle to understand which one’s right for them. So let’s delve deeper and explore the key differences between general and cosmetic dentistry services.


General and cosmetic dentistry services enhance your overall dental health. However, both branches have a distinctive focus. General dentistry treatments prevent plaque, cavities, decay, and other dental diseases that can compromise oral health. In contrast, cosmetic dental treatments are designed to improve the appearance, color, form, and shape of your teeth and gums.

Treatments and Checkups Frequency

General dentistry treatments are more frequent. They include regular dental screenings, cleaning, and routine checkups to minimize a progressing dental disease. On the other hand, cosmetic dental procedures are not performed frequently. They consist of treatments such as whitening, dental contouring, bonding, and veneers and are recommended according to each patient’s needs.


General dentistry services are mostly insured, whereas cosmetic dental procedures aren’t. Moreover, cosmetic dentistry is more expensive due to its aesthetic improvement benefits. General dentistry is less expensive as it consists of preventive and restorative treatments like root canals, extractions, and fillings.

In short, both general and cosmetic dentistry treatments are highly beneficial and help patients achieve a diverse range of results. Got more questions? Get in touch with NY Dental Boutique’s team right away!

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