Understanding Malocclusion in Children and What Can Parents Do About It

Malocclusion refers to the misalignment of the teeth and jaws, which can affect the way a child's bite functions and the appearance of their smile. It is a common dental issue among children, and if left untreated, it can lead to various oral health problems. This article aims to shed light on malocclusion in children, its causes, types, and what parents can do to address this condition.

Causes of Malocclusion in Children

Several factors can contribute to the development of malocclusion in children:


In many cases, malocclusion is inherited. Children may have a family history of dental misalignment, making them more prone to developing the condition.

Thumb Sucking or Pacifier Use:

Prolonged thumb sucking or pacifier use can affect the growth and alignment of the teeth and jaws, leading to malocclusion.

Premature Loss of Baby Teeth:

If a child loses their baby teeth prematurely due to decay or trauma, it can disrupt the natural eruption pattern of permanent teeth, potentially causing misalignment.

Mouth Breathing:

Chronic mouth breathing can alter the tongue's position and impact the jaws' development, leading to malocclusion.

Types of Malocclusion:

There are various types of malocclusion that children can experience:


Also known as "buck teeth," an overbite refers to the condition when the upper front teeth overlap significantly with the lower front teeth.


An underbite is characterized by the lower front teeth protruding beyond the upper front teeth, creating an abnormal bite.


Crossbite refers to a condition where some of the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth when the jaws are closed.

Open Bite:

In an open bite, there is a space between the upper and lower front teeth when the back teeth are clenched together.


Crowding occurs when the jaw has insufficient space to accommodate all the teeth, causing them to overlap or become crooked.

What Can Parents Do About Malocclusion?

Early Orthodontic Evaluation:

It is recommended that children have an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7. Early detection allows for timely intervention if any signs of malocclusion are present.

Regular Dental Check-ups:

Schedule regular dental visits for your child to monitor their dental development and identify any potential malocclusion issues. Dentists can guide the appropriate steps to take. Contact NY Dental Boutique and have one of their expert orthodontists examine your child's teeth. They are highly skilled and trained to handle all kinds of malocclusions.

Orthodontic Treatment:

If the malocclusion is detected, consult an orthodontist specializing in correcting dental misalignment. They will recommend appropriate treatment options based on the severity and type of malocclusion.

The Final Word

By understanding malocclusion in children and taking proactive steps, parents can help their children achieve proper dental alignment and promote a healthy smile.

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