Debunking the Top 3 Tooth Extraction Myths

Tooth extraction is the process of removing a tooth from its root to prevent decay and gum damage. It's usually the last resort to eliminate a cavity or decay since tooth extractions have always been a painful dental process with complex aftercare. And let's face it, even the thought of a tooth extraction feels scary and unpleasant.

However, that doesn't mean all root tooth extraction processes need to be difficult. Our general and emergency dentistry specialists in Brooklyn have created this detailed blog to discuss all the popular tooth extraction myths. Continue reading to ensure a smooth tooth extraction experience.

Myth 1: Tooth Extraction Is a One-Size-Fits-All Procedure

Many people think tooth extractions are the same for everyone, but that's untrue. Your tooth extraction will be carried out according to your age, tooth condition, and underlying dental issues. There are usually two types of tooth extractions: simple and surgical.

During a simple tooth extraction, your dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the area around your tooth. Then they'll use a dental elevator to loosen the tooth before extracting it. Simple extractions are easy, safe, fast, and the most effective way to remove a mildly infected or broken tooth, whereas a surgical extraction is suitable in more severe tooth infections and gum decay cases.

Myth 2: Tooth Extractions Hurt A Lot

This myth is far from the truth. Advanced tools and more effective local anesthetic and numbing substances have now simplified this dental process. Patients who only feel pressure during a tooth extraction are not required to follow extensive aftercare. The process takes less than an hour and is minimally invasive, allowing quicker recoveries.

Myth 3: You Don't Have to Replace an Extracted Tooth

While many people, particularly seniors, tend to leave their extracted tooth gap unfilled. However, experts recommend getting an extracted tooth replaced to prevent potential infections. When a tooth is extracted, it creates a gap that increases the risk of crookedness, gum lesions, and other oral issues.

That's why replacing an extracted tooth is highly important to maintain good oral health and restore self-confidence. It also allows easier chewing and swallowing. You can talk to restorative dentistry experts at NY Dental Boutique about tooth replacement treatments such as dental bridges and crowns.

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