6 Most Common Pediatric Dental Issues and Their Prevention

As a parent, you should pay close attention to your child’s dental health. Clean and healthy teeth are extremely important for their well-being and for preventing harmful bacterial diseases.

However, kids love sugar-rich foods and drinks, which taste all yummy but are quite detrimental to their teeth. Statistics also reveal that a quarter of the young American population aged between 12 and 15 have mild to severe tooth decay.

Our expert dentists in Brooklyn have created this blog to help parents improve their little one’s oral health. We have highlighted the most common pediatric dental issues and their prevention strategies. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Dental Cavity

Dental cavities are the most common dental issue in kids. It’s caused by a bacterial buildup within the dental gaps. Kids with poor oral hygiene tend to develop cavities due to irregular or improper tooth brushing. Parents can, however, help their little ones steer clear of dental cavities with correct brushing and flossing practices and limited sugary food intake.

Pediatric tooth decay

2. Gum Disease

Gum disease also affects kids, especially the ones with a weaker immune system. It’s caused by plaque buildup and can worsen in the form of gingivitis and lead to tooth loss. Regular dental checkups and regular brushing are critical to prevent gum disease and its associated risks in kids.

3. Bruxism

Bruxism or teeth grinding is another common pediatric dental issue that affects children, mostly under the age of 5. But school-going kids dealing with anxiety and stress may also develop this problem. Bruxism can cause intense jaw pain, dental growth issues, and teeth misalignments.

Get your kid checked by a professional dentist to detect the underlying cause and help them practice stress management techniques to reduce frequent teeth grinding and clenching.

4. Baby Bottle Tooth Decay and Thumb-Sucking

Many babies suffer from thumb-sucking, which is normally not a cause for concern but can be harmful once their permanent tooth comes in. They may also develop dental problems due to extended pacifier usage. In addition, prolonged consumption of sugary juices and old bottles can cause tooth decay. Prevention includes limiting junk food and drink consumption and making sure that your little one doesn’t fall asleep sucking their thumb or with a bottle.

5. Over-Retained Teeth

Over-retained teeth affect 2-8% of children in the US. It happens when one or more milk teeth are retained due to the permanent teeth’ absence. A primary tooth doesn’t fall off if a permanent tooth is not waiting to erupt in its place. This condition can be treated via extraction or using a space maintainer in the vacant area until a permanent tooth erupts.

6. Canker or Cold Sores

Your little one may experience canker sores due to poor oral hygiene, excessive sugar consumption, or an underlying medical issue. They can also develop cold sores or fever blisters that appear outside of the mouth around the lips, chin, or nostril areas. Most canker and cold sores heal on their own, however, you can also administer OTC pain relievers to your little one for quicker recovery.

Consult with a general dentist in case your kid’s cold and canker sores keep coming back.

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